Yasuni Research Station

The YRS is inside Yasuni National Park and Reserve in Orellana province. It’s located on the right bank of the Tiputini River, close to where it meets the Tivacuno River (76º23’50” W; 0º40’27” S).

Several terrestrial habitats are accessible from the station, including terra firme forests, flooded forests and swamps. Whitewater rivers, several lakes (river meanders) and blackwater streams are also close by. Environmental conditions in the area are ideal for researchers specializing in environmental sciences interested in widening their knowledge about ecosystem composition and function.

Although mainly surrounded by primary forest, it’s possible to find small patches of secondary forest, infrastructure projects (e.g. highways, oil extraction facilities) and human settlements (Waorani indigenous communities). The closest communities to the YRS, Guiyero and Timpoca, are 15 and 5 km (9 and 3 mi) away, respectively.

This natural mosaic offers researchers in applied ecology, conservation biology, anthropology and sociology a unique chance to study human-nature relationships, environmental and cultural impacts and, in general, the important conservation problems that the world’s most megadiverse areas are confronting.