Strategic focus

We promote research, innovation and the transfer of knowledge and technology to guide decision-making, capacity-building, environmental awareness and the sustainable use of natural resources with the intention of supporting the conservation and biodiversity of the Yasuní National Park and Reserve and the Ecuadorian Amazon.

The YRS has become a center of excellence for socio-environmental and scientific fields. It is staffed by competent personnel; provides high-quality facilities and services; maintains solid, collaborative relationships; and has a sustainable, efficient and effective management model. Its positioning is consistently improving and it is a foremost destination for researchers, students and others interested in Yasuní’s natural and cultural wealth. The YRS is recognized for its leadership and contributions to the knowledge, understanding and assessment of Yasuní’s biological diversity; to socio-environmental training; to the improvement in the local communities’ quality of life; to sustainable use; and to the responsible care of nature.

Values and principles
We believe it is our duty to pay particular attention to ethics in all fields of knowledge and human action. Within this context, we advocate for work, social and environmental responsibility; respect for biological and cultural diversity; and honesty, integrity and excellence in all of our operations.