The YRS’s Strategic Development Plan is composed of five broad programs.

The volumes of this immense living library have barely started to be read.

Through this program we promote multidisciplinary scientific research at the highest level, which leads to more knowledge in a wide variety of socio-environmental areas and at the same time provides technical inputs to sustainably manage YNP’s biodiversity.

As of part this program, scientists from all over the world carry out important studies of this complex ecosystem. While we are open to research in all areas, we give special attention to the following sub-programs and lines of action:

Environmental science subprogram

  • Ecology, including: population ecology, landscape ecology, molecular and genetic ecology, evolutionary ecology, infectious disease ecology
  • Systematic and biogeography
  • Ethology
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Climate change
  • Promising species

Social science subprogram

  • Anthropology
  • Sociology

In addition, lines of action associated with conservation biology are supported through our sustainable management of natural resources program.