History and Importance

The Yasuni Research Station (YRS) was created by the Ecuadorian government in 1994. Through a 99-year bailment contract, the responsibility for its management was turned over to PUCE’s Biological Sciences School.

During the last two decades, the YRS has experienced a great transformation and more institutional investment, which has been used to optimize infrastructure and offer services needed by its users.

Since its beginnings, the YRS has facilitated the execution of hundreds of research projects in various disciplines, which have generated a number of academic articles in specialized international journals. Because of this, the YRS has been recognized as one of the three most productive scientific stations in the Amazon and one of the most important research stations in Latin America.

The YRS provides an invaluable service to the academic and scientific communities, local residents and the country in general; it drives and facilitates the gathering of critical data and provides technical support, so as to allow for the tackling of environmental problems and challenges to sustainable development.