Environmental education

Yasuní National Park’s recognized megadiversity and the environmental services it offers constitute a unique opportunity to discover, assess, respect and use them appropriately to benefit the region, the country and the world.

With this in mind, our promise is to promote environmental education and communication as instruments for Yasuní’s conservation in society’s different circles.

Environmental awareness and consciousness raising are obvious inherent goals in our practices. Currently we employ mainly informal environmental education strategies for local communities, students and the general public.


Communication is transversally integrated into all of our actions because it allows the technical information generated by our research to be accessible to a great number of diverse groups. In this way we help bring society closer to the work, experience and knowledge of the YRS and its researchers.

Scientific and informative publications and participation in spaces for diffusion and discussion (workshops, conferences, seminars, reports, etc.) are some of the activities we support to facilitate information dissemination.